Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Seriously, What's With Twinkle?

So, I swear I was all set to blog about my ultra-cool antique sock-knitting machine (which I still haven't figured out how to work yet) and share gripes about Kaffe Fasset and his designs from hades, but then...

Then, I discovered Twinkle (aka Wenlan Chia) and her book of Big City Knits. The patterns are gorgeous, stunning, to-die-for...and sized to fit women with bust sizes up to 34".

That's right: up to 34".

The last time I had a size 34 bust, I was in elementary school. As for the small sizes...well, I'm sure some woman out there has a 25" bust, and it's very nice that there's an entire book of patterns designed specifically for her, but c'mon, about the rest of us?

I'm a Big City Girl. I like funky, chunky knitted designs. I can wear the hell outta a cabled sweater-dress, size great-big-bust and all. Just who exactly are you designing for?

So, there's my rant. Move over,'ve met your match in Twinkle.


twirldawg said...

Go up to 34!! I would think most designers would start at that size. Do they not understand the size of the average women in this country?!

Procrastiknitter said...

Amen sister!

Terri H. said...

Girl, my *ankles* are a 34.

Mariel said...

Did you see Kay's review of Big City Knits over at Mason Dixon Knitting? I'm sure those ladies will fix up those patterns for the rest of us!

Coming Unravelled said...


I came across your ballband bath mat... how beautiful! Did you knit that on circulars? Do you remember approximately the dimensions of that bath mat? I had the idea of creating one and yours came up in my quest. You knitting are works of art.
Thank you!