Saturday, October 13, 2007


Well, I'm finally picking my head up after my total immersion into the knitterly crack equivalent that is Ravelry. I have to say, if nothing else, participation in Ravelry has inspired FOs galore, if only to have completed projects to add to my project page.

This is Baby Z's Coming Home Outfit: a Mason-Dixon Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono, a pair of Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Longhies, and a Heart Hat, also by Elizabeth Zimmermann. All are done in Knit Pick's Swish, a lovely, soft, but splitty superwash merino.

I've also started an Elizabeth Zimmermann Wishbone Sweater (Knitter's Almanac, December) for DH; no photo as of yet.

And I've collected a whole bunch of patterns for later knitting -- my Ravelry queue.

AND...only 12 more days and counting till Baby Z makes her appearance....


LeAnn said...

How cute! I've made 2 of the baby kimonos, but in "baby" colors. I love the bold colors - may just have to try one of those for my new niece or nephew who will be arriving in January. The bonnet is great too - haven't tried one of those yet.

Good luck with Baby Z!

Knitting_Queen said...

Your knits look amazing! I want to make just about everything from the Mason-Dixon book, don't you?

I've been trying the Heart Hat, though, and I'm lost. I keep not getting anything like what she says I'm supposed to get, and really not like the photo. I'm getting a flat triangle - the k2togs are right at the end of the piece, not a few stitches in, the way it looks in the pictures.

Yours is so lovely.


Toni said...

Very cute!!!

Lydia said...

Gorgeous little bonnet!!