Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sick Again

I can't believe this. It feels like I just got over the last horrendous cold and now I'm flat on my back again, mouth-breathing and wondering when I'll just frickin die already and get it over with. DH says it's going back to work that's done it; I'm not used to being around all those germy people, riding the subways and leaning over students' shoulders and such. Whatever it is, I'm miserable. Thank goodness for my in-laws, who very kindly offered to take the baby tomorrow so I can stay home alone and try to recuperate. Bed all day, chicken soup...aaaah, sounds like heaven!

How very, very sad.


EunSun(Sylvia) said...

I am sorry, Rinda. I hope you will get over as quickly as possible. Do you have a child? How old is she or he? Could you put the photo about your child in this blog?

ap said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Take time to rest, spin and knit - you'll be back to your good ol' self in no-time.