Thursday, April 01, 2010

Ah, Spring....

Today was my first "real" day in the garden for the year 2010. Meaning, of course, I overdid.

The results:
  • A whole mess of day lilies relocated. I'm not sure they'll take in their new spot, but at least they're out of their old spot, where they were doing nothing but wreaking havoc. Score one point for me.
  • One leg injured.

Yes, I managed to trip over a small concrete statue and slam my left leg into it hard enough to make me weep. DH offered not once but twice to take me to the hospital, that's how much of a baby I was being about it all. Seriously, though, it did hurt like a sonofabitch. Score one point for the garden.

  • Once case of poison ivy, acquired.

If there's one thing I hate more than hurting myself in the garden, it's accidentally getting myself tangled up in poison ivy. I spent much time today pulling raspberry canes and wild roses, and darn it if there wasn't some poison ivy mixed in with all that. I've been hoping against hope that I just managed to scratch my arm up some and get an itch from it, but now the fingers on my left hand are itchy, too, and I'm facing up to the fact that I may be starting a course of steroids in the near future. Bummer. Score one for the garden.

Final score: Garden - two, me - one.

When will winter be back?

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