Sunday, December 11, 2005

About Last Night....

So, yesterday was our final day of class. I have to admit, it was a kind of bittersweet session for me. I'm glad the semester is over and I can relax these last couple of weeks before returning to work and the general craziness of teaching (and now administration on top of that -- but that's the topic of another blog post to come). I'm sad that the semester is over because I know this is somewhat the end of an era. The classmates I started this program with a year ago have mostly been taking two classes for every one I've taken; next semester, I'll be taking a core course they've already done while they'll be taking an elective to round out their credits. Sadly, I won't be sharing a learning space with the people I've grown so fond of over the past four semesters.

It's the same type of feeling I used to get when summer camp ended.

*sigh* I'll miss you guys.

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ap said...

Dear Splindarella: Whereas I can compeletely sympathize with the way you are feeling, I would also offer this suggestion: the people you will be taking this class with are very smart, you'll get a chance to learn from them quite a bit.
On the other side of the coin is this: you can call any of us that have taken the class and we'll try to make sense of it, we'll talk you through the weird projects and at the end, we'll laugh with you.
Every day is a learning experience, and we'll be watching your blog and keeping an eye out for you. :)