Tuesday, December 20, 2005

This year's Christmas tree, decorated with hand-crocheted snowflakes courtesy of my mom.

Christmas Prep

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Well, my audio post, above, was all about how I was going to spend the day finishing Christmas gifts. I did manage to make the felted soaps (go to Mielke's Farm to see how to do it) and they turned out fairly well, although my artistic design definitely needs improvement. I finished off the sachets...well, all but the stuffing and tying of the last one, but that takes just a couple of minutes, no biggie. I even found the pretty box I'll use for presentation, complete with red and green confetti inside for a "professional" look. I didn't block the scarves, though. Again, not a big deal -- I still have time before they're needed, and they're fairly quick to steam block with the iron anyway. My bigger concern: I've yet to do today's blanket strip (I know, I know, then WHY pray tell am I sitting here blogging when I should be knitting? I blame it on Castpost -- they were down all day today and I couldn't post my audio when I originally wanted to, so I'm forced to take time now to do it). Once I'm done here, I'm going to haul my butt upstairs and crank that puppy out.

I'm also not, I repeat NOT going to eat the last two chocolates in the candy dish. I'm saving them for DH.

*still thinking about chocolates*

Hmmm...maybe he wouldn't miss just one...?

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Blogmaster said...

Thanks for the link on felted soap... I do a bit of soapmaking (at least I *used to* when I still had a free moment or two) and I'd like to give this a shot