Wednesday, December 14, 2005


OK, I have just TOTALLY impressed the $hit out of myself!! Do you SEE that? That post, the one right below this one? The one with the audio file embedded in it? I did that! Me!! Woo-hoo!! *doing the happy dance around the room*

Now, you must be asking yourselves, why the commotion? It's only an audio file, after all. And Blogger does have its own, very easy-to-use, internal audio-file recorder. Just sign up, phone in (yes, that's right, with a telephone, not a computer), talk and voila -- audio blog.

But, to do that, I'd have to call California. My mama didn't raise no fool...I'm not about to pay long distance charges just to audio blog.

Besides, I'm actually going to all the trouble of figuring this out so I can use it with my students in the spring semester, and I'm not about to ask them to pay long distance charges to call California just to audio blog.

So, I did a little research. And downloaded Audacity. And then downloaded Lame for Audacity. And then signed up for both OurMedia and Internet Archive. And then I recorded a little test audio in Audacity, converted it to MP3 format with Lame, posted it to OurMedia (which requires an account with Internet Archive), got my URL and HOLY CRAP -- I POSTED AN AUDIO FILE!!!!

I honestly don't think I can top this feat. Ever.

At least not online. *g*


Blogmaster said...

Congrats!!! You're an audio blogger, now... there's no turning back.

BTW, JMaddrell ( was the official queen of podcasting in the Teaching Online class... she often blogs about podcasting and has tried out a lot of the online software for streaming audio.

She did her project on Castpost (, a site that makes it very easy to keep a free media blog. (Warning: This site's still in alpha, so it's not without bugs)

Splindarella said...

Thanks, JT!! I'm off to check out castpost now....