Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lemons to Lemonade

I admit defeat. Those White Buffalo things simply refuse to become felted bowls.

But I did follow through with my felted cloche idea:

How cute does Baby M look? Kinda like a cross between a 1920's flapper and someone's grandma in her Sunday hat. To be honest, I added the Loom Bloom because without it, she looked more like Bob the Builder in his yellow hardhat. Still, I think it's pretty darn spiffy, especially since the alternative was burying it at the bottom of the UFO pile and denying all knowledge of its existence. Now I'm just waiting to see whether my co-worker's baby-on-the-way turns out to be a boy or a girl so I can appropriately decorate the small, hat as a present.


Jeremy said...

Great adaptation. The hat is adorable. Do you think it didn't felt because of the yarn. I have heard that white yarn and some lighter colors don't felt as well.

ap said...

Baby M is adorable! I think that project was born to be a hat, you just keep wanting to turn into something that goes against it's own nature :)