Thursday, September 28, 2006

'Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy

The postman, that is. Look what he brought me today:

Lest you think ALL that yarn is for me, here's my part of the score:

The rest -- 20 skeins of assorted Lamb's Pride -- goes to IV for her triloom weaving.

So, now, here's my problem (well, not so much a problem as an, er, issue -- if it were a real problem, I wouldn't be buying yarn at all, 'kay?)...I have absolutely no idea what to do with all this fiber.

Except, of course, stash it.

Never mind that I've filled two bureaus, nearly half a dozen giant plastic tubs and part of the freezer with fiber. Never mind that my stash is rapidly approaching SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy) proportions and I'm not even 40 yet. This yarn from The Sheep Shed Studio was too cool to pass up. I mean, check out those 4 skeins of Wildfoote sock yarn. Who could resist that colorway? And is it soft??? C'mon, folks, it's a miracle that I only came away with 4.

And don't get me started on the Lamb's Pride Bulky. I just love, love, love the stuff. I had some vague notion of using the Black Cherry colorway with some luscious Mango Moon viscoise yarns I have in the stash -- for what, I have no idea, but black goes with everything, right?

And look at the pretty handpaint in the lower-right corner. It's called Sarah's Dress. Isn't that just too sweet? It'll make something stunning for Baby M one of these days.

The green Nature Spun, I must admit, looked better online than in person. Online I could picture myself in a gorgeous emerald-colored pullover; in person, I can imagine someone else in a kelly-green something-or-other, but I have no idea what. Oh, well. I can wait till the yarn speaks to me (and until then, it'll make for fine insulation -- wool holds in the heat, you know...yet another reason to buy more yarn).

And how could I forget the spinning/felting fibers? The rear-right bag is full of Big Bale fiber; dark grey and softer than I'd expected, I'd planned on using it for felting but now I'm not so sure. It may have a date with the wheel. The rear-left bag was supposed to be silver-grey mill-end roving but looks far darker than I'd anticipated. I've already written Carol at the Sheep Shed to see if I can send it back for the other, but the more I look at it the more it grows on me. We'll see what happens there....

And, of course, Carol threw in a little bag of fiber (the brown and white bag on top of the huge bags of grey) just 'cause. I do love those folks.

And if that wasn't enough excitement, guess what else arrived in the mail today?

A Mystery Box.

If you caught my post on surprise packages and the like, you'll know how much I love a Mystery Box. And this particular Mystery Box was ordered by my very own DH for my anniversary gift.

I have no idea what's inside. And I was given strict instructions this morning Not. To. Open. It.

But it's small-ish (about the size of a shoebox). And it's light. And it comes from Washington State.

Anyone care to guess what my anniversary present will be...??

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