Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Borrowers

When I was a kid, I remember reading a book about these teeny, tiny people called the Borrowers. They lived in people's houses and took things. They weren't mean; they weren't even stealing. They were borrowing. Whenever people went looking for their stuff in the place where they'd left it but it wasn't there, it meant that the Borrowers had taken it.

I was reminded of this last night, as DH and I frantically ripped apart the entire house looking for this:

No, not the Stitch doll. The Baby Surprise Jacket. The one I spent two weeks knitting for DH's colleague, whose baby boy is due in less than a month. I'd finished the jacket, sewn on the (functional) snaps and (decorative) buttons, draped it around Stitch for a photo shoot...and promptly lost the thing. I swore that I'd folded it up and put it back in my project bag, but when I pulled the bag out to wrap the jacket, it was empty. I searched all my project bags, my sock yarn dresser (yes, I have an entire dresser full of nothing but sock yarn; perhaps I have a problem), the little hanging shoe racks behind the hall closet door...but, nothing. At least, no jacket.

DH and I continued to search together. I may have implied that the jacket got lost after DH commented, upon my showing him the end result of all my hard labor, that now I could "wrap it up nice and pretty, m'kay?" Clearly at that moment, DH, usually a sensitive and intelligent man, was not at his best. Understanding soul that I am, I chose not to wrap the jacket up inside his anus, as I had very briefly considered doing. Instead, I simply lost it. The jacket, that is.

When the jacket finally turned up, it was in the least likely of places: inside my younger daughter's dresser. Now, my younger daughter is 2. She can't even reach her dresser, much less care about putting clothes into it (pulling everything out, however, is a different story entirely). I didn't put the jacket in there. DH didn't put the jacket in there. Cue the creepy music: the Borrowers must have done it.

But, all's well that ends well, right? DH gave the pressie to his friend at work today, and it was received with all the joy and appreciation that I could have hoped for. Meanwhile, I'm now free to go back to work on DDM's ripple blankie.

Now if only I can find where I put that crochet hook....

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