Sunday, July 23, 2006

From Mason-Dixon Knitting....

Boy, do I LOVE this book! This is my first "warshrag," and I must admit I like it far better than the usual "start with 3 stitches, yo to increase at each end until it's halfway big enough then decrease back down to 3 stitches" dishrag I'm used to seeing. While this is far from my first MDK project (I've finished 2 baby kimonos -- OK, finished all except for seaming up the sides and sewing on the ribbons -- a baby bib, a burp cloth and more than one Absorba the Great Bathmat), it's one of the most fun. I especially love the super-bright colors -- they go with absolutely nothing in my (or anyone else's...?) kitchen, but they're pure fun. I can't wait to knit some more! :)))))

Shortly after casting on this morning....

And this evening, finished and waiting to be gift-wrapped.

Talk about instant gratification!

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