Friday, July 28, 2006


So, I checked in at the Mason-Dixon Knitalong blog, where I've been loving both reading about everyone's MDK projects and posting about my own, and lo and behold, the following Important Message was posted today:


Please be conservative with the pictures you choose to post on this site.

We can only allow ONE picture of EACH project per POST.

This means:

1. We love to see your progress, but we don't need to see 3 different pictures documenting various stages of knitting project.

2. Please choose the best version of your photographed item.....we don't need to see washrags posing in various parts of the house or kitchen or bathroom. As much as we love to see these....we need to conserve our bandwidth.

3. No more pictures of piles of yarn that you will eventually knit up.

These are all fun pictures - trust me, I like looking at them just as much as you do....but we all must do our parts to conserve bandwidth.


Now, I can certainly appreciate the need to conserve bandwidth. I don't mind posting only one project photo per post. I can post only photos of projects and not yarn-that-will-become-projects. There is nothing at all unreasonable about any of the requests in that post.

But, is it me or could the message have been worded just a bit more nicely?

Maybe I'm just oversensitive since I'm one of those who just posted not only two photos of the same project but one of the photos also included a pile of yarn. Yikes! In my defense, I really do like my knitted bathmats, and I was REALLY excited to get a ton of Sugar n Cream yarn on sale at Michael's for a buck a skein.

I feel like I've just been thwacked on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper. Unfortunately, now I'm rather hesitant to post on that blog again, not because I have any doubt that I can follow the instructions, but more because I feel chided -- unfairly scolded for doing something that wasn't wrong (or, at least, hadn't been labeled as wrong) at the time I did it.

Bad timing, too. I just started a Ballband Bathmat (adapted from the Ballband Warshrag pattern) and I'm really pleased with how it's coming out. Will post photos here once a few more rows are done.

In other news, I've been trying my hand at twice-knit knitting, a particular technique that produces a thick, textured fabric that won't run when it's cut. Can you say "sweaters with steeks"??? Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the darn thing to knit up straight -- it keeps biasing. See??

I'm following the tutorial exactly, and I even wrote Megan, the woman who created the tutorial, and she said it sounds like I'm doing all the right things. Will have to start experimenting with this...and then sweaters in the round, here I come!


Kathy said...

I wouldn't worry about it. You just happened to post around the same time they did. And I have found it hard to put something in writing, try really hard to say it nicely, and sometimes it still hits someone wrong.

Now - I love your Absorba. What yarn did you use? And how much?

Thanks, Kathy

Gatorfan01 said...

I agree with Kathy. I don't think she meant YOU in her post but "you" being everyone who posts. Just be thankful you are allowed in the KAL and can post. I still haven't gotten in.

I noticed that you bought most of the same colors I did!

Jeri said...

I agree with your snit. It could have been nicer. And when they make these warnings, it would be more effective if they followed up and removed posts that don't comply. Which they didn't do with warning #1. We'll see where they go with this one.

I think the format is not suited to what is happening. This type of thing with this many participants and postings and viewings is probably not well-suited to a free blog format like blogspot. Just sayin...

In any case, I'll keep looking at the pics there and and I may keep posting completed Mason-Dixon projects there. And the extra pics and the what-I-did-different-because-I can't-follow-a pattern-goodies will go on my own blog.

Sherry said...

I also agree with how you feel. Speaking as a person who doe not have a blog and lurks more than posts to any KAL, I don't really know much about the bandwidth issues. I realize that the KAL is free to join, but aren't the publishers of the book benefiting from the KAL, so isn't it in their best interest to encourage people to post pictures? The more we see the more we are enticed to knit. (Or I am anyway).