Monday, July 31, 2006

Nothing to see here, folks....

Not that I'm not knitting; I'm just not photographing (, finishing, either).

The great Ballband Bathmat continues apace. The tremendous advantage of working with great big needles is offset by the tremendous disadvantage of working with a total of TWELVE strands of yarn, 6 and 6. Eventually it will get all knitted up, and then I'll weigh the monster and see just how much cotton it takes to make the biggest ballband ever.

Work on my m-i-l's Christmas gift (the yak/merino scarf to go with the double-thick Fair Isle hat in the same yarn) has been suspended because it's way too hot to even think about knitting with wool.

I did manage a row or two on my mother's silk stole today, but the laceweight yarn and Madiera Mesh pattern make for slow going.

My one FO: the first ballband warshrag in colors that actually match my kitchen. No photo, but once the others are done I'll take a shot and post. Ballbands make for great mindless car knitting, and I'm using a nylon circ so heaven forbid we get in an accident I won't -- as DH constantly warns -- stab myself with my knitting. Can you imagine that obituary??

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Tracey said...

Hi there!

I'm responding from your comment on the post from the other day. Everyone that we've received an email from should have received a response, so if you haven't gotten one, I'm concerned that we didn't get your email. Can you try sending it again?