Saturday, December 02, 2006

Things Are Looking Up

Yesterday was a bad day. I spent about 12 hours (let me stress that this is NOT the FIRST 12 hours) breaking my head over a paper for the class I'm taking this semester...had a pounding was pouring rain and lashing wind outside...and when DH got home, he brought in with him a package from my SP9 Pal! And just like that, my day became so much better! :)

I truly think my pal is psychic. Remember how I said it was pouring rain? Well, my package sat, unbeknownst to me, half in and half out of the mailbox all through the storm. As soon as I saw the soaking wet end, I thought "Oh-oh." But I needn't have worried. My pal had wrapped everything up in plastic bags so nothing at all got wet. Whew!

Check out all the fun stuff that s/he sent me:

Handknitted fingerless mitts! They're the perfect size and soooo comfortable! They also happen to match a scarf I already own (my pal is clearly psychic!), and I've been delightedly wearing them all day.

Two skeins of Paton's SWS in my favorite colorway...and an absolutely gorgeous unmarked skein that feels like merino (mmmmmm...merinoooooo) and that I'll have to knit up into something extra special (maybe a shawl...?). And it didn't show up too clearly in the photo, but the bag with the mini sock pattern actually contains a sock blocker keychain. How cute is that?? You knit a teeny tiny sock and put it on the sock blocker so you have a little handknitted sock keychain that you can change the look of any time. I love it!

Of course, I'm saving the sweets for last. See that Godiva bag? It's full of, dark chocolate, absolutely scrumptions Godiva truffles. I've been very good and eaten only one myself, and I even shared one with DH, but much as I love him he's not getting any more...the rest are mine! :)

Now I feel ready to face this last miserable week before the end of the semester with a smile on my face...and truffles in my tummy.

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melissa said...

Well neighbour ..(well kind of ..your 2 down from me on the knitting path) from what I can see that is simply beautiful wool .
as are the fingerless mitts . Arent they a great idea .I knitted my family these a few months ago winter ..they were a great hit ..warm hands fingers ..I'm intrigued by the "glitten " tho ..must have a cloer look some time .
woolly jumper