Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I've Been a Bad, Bad Girl...

...not blogging...not photographing my projects...generally being absent from my online life. At least I've been knitting.

When I'm not sneezing, that is.

I cannot believe I'm sick again. I think DH, Baby M, the in-laws and I have just been passing variations on the same dumb cold back and forth all fall. It hit me Sunday night and by yesterday I felt like roadkill. DH and I both had to stay home from work today; thankfully, MIL came up and took care of Baby M or neither of us would have gotten any rest.

But aside from being sick, it's all those other little pesky life details -- like work and school -- that have been keeping me from doing more of the things I love. There are now only -- count 'em -- TWO weeks of school left; one and a half if you count that this week is already halfway over. WOO-HOO! Although, in semesters past that would have been a much bigger, bolder, underlined and quotated "WOO-HOO"; this whole program coordinator deal is a pain in the a$$ and while I'm delighted that the end is in sight I'm not much looking forward to the amount of extra work I'll be doing as a coordinator to get there.

I am also not loving the class I'm taking this semester. Someone save me from first-run classes. The instructors have all the good intentions in the world but they just don't have their acts together and quite frankly I'm suspicious at best as to the pedagogical underpinnings of our final assignment. So, I've been writing this big-a$$ paper which, according to the way this assignment has been structured, is nothing more than a giant introduction to...nothing. I'm too sick and tired of it all to even go into detail; suffice it to say this project has either a) not been well thought through, or b) not been well explained to those of us unlucky enough to have to participate. Probably both.

The upside is, I've been knitting. I've become obsessed with the Meathead Hat and, in addition to the pale green version I blogged about earlier, I've also knitted up a black one decorated with a funky green crocheted flower and three in Lion Brand Homespun for Soaring Eagles. I haven't made any progress on the family and friend holiday WIPs, but at least I'm feeling good about those hats (which need to be mailed in the first week of December, which is approaching with frightening rapidity).

I've also been watching more DVDs. In a stunning 3-for-4 blowout, the last of my pre-Thanksgiving library borrowings (The Producers, with Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane) sucked even worse than The Ice Harvest and Sideways. I mean, how is that even possible? I love the original version of The Producers, with the brilliant Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder. I like both Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane, who originated the roles on Broadway and got rave reviews there. So why, when Nathan Lane insisted to the deranged Nazi playwright that he should "kill the actors," did I actually hope for an instantaneous murder-suicide that would bring the entire sorry film to a grinding halt right then and there?

At least the third season of Nip/Tuck didn't disappoint. And now DH and I have Season 4 of Family Guy to enjoy as well.

But first, I need some cold medicine.

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Ren said...

oooh, hats in homespun! why didn't i think of that? *rummages through stash*

i hope you get to feeling better! being sick is no fun!