Sunday, November 12, 2006


Oh, OK, and I totally forgot to tell you about this:

Today we saw swimming deer!

Did you folks know that deer can swim? I mean, I guess if I thought about it I'd figure they might be able to swim, but I just never think of deer as swimming creatures is all.

Yet today as DH and Uncle Godfather stood out on the deck, they excitedly called me outside to watch as not one but two deer swam all the way across the lake opposite our house, did a couple of laps parallel to the opposite shore and then hopped out, pretty as you please, and bounded off into the woods.

Was it an exercise thing? Are these deer in training, maybe for the hunting season? Was it just an especially nice day, from a deer perspective, for a dip in the ol' lake?

All I can say is it was quite a sight. I wish I'd had my videocam to catch it all on film.

Swimming deer. Now I've seen everything.


Jeremy said...

We have a lot of deer here but I have never seen any swimming. Did see a HUGE buck walking down the sidewalk a few years ago.

ap said...

woooow! I didn't know they could do that. That must have been quite the sight. :)