Sunday, November 12, 2006

Grosse Pointe Blank

So, here it's midnight -- a minute after, actually, according to my PC -- and I'm sitting here watching Grosse Pointe Blank, groovin' on all the old 80's tunes, waiting for DH and visiting Uncle Godfather to come back from DH's nephew's confirmation party.

And what have I been doing to occupy myself all night, aside from watching cheesy movies?

Knitting, what else.

This is the first "glitten" of a pair from Homespun Handknits, intended for FIL's Christmas present. I must admit, this thing is killing my left wrist. I've been having shooting pains all day and have been reduced to wearing my wrist brace after more than a month spent blissfully brace-free.

Still, I will finish this project -- and others -- before Christmas. I felted more bowls and have decided that while the SWS felts up nicely after only one trip through the washer, the merino definitely needs a second pass. So, that's two more bowls filled with chocolate and wrapped plus two that need a second felting. Two more to knit in merino and one more in SWS and bowls will be done. I'm trying to get these glittens finished up fast so I can start on DH's hat and mitts; and of course, I still need to finish mom's silk stole.

Think I can do it?


Ren said...

of course you CAN do it, but be careful... i'm sure the people you're knitting for wouldn't want you to harm yourself or be in lots of pain on their behalf... (or at least i hope they wouldnt!)

ap said...

Please, please be careful with that wrist of yours....