Thursday, November 09, 2006


That's the number of hats officially recorded as being received by the Soaring Eagles Project as of today. Eighteen hats...and the goal is 400 by December 18!

Not much time. Not much time at all.

So, today I whipped up a hat on the knitting machine. Nothing fancy -- a simple roll-brim hat in sportweight, but the colors (pink/blue/white ombre) are fun, and topped with a pom-pom I think it'll be cute. I figure I can churn out the hat bodies fairly quickly and then do the seaming and pom-pom-ing by hand afterwards.

Of course, simply getting one hat body done with Baby M around was a challenge. She was into everything from the umbrella swift to the knitting machine itself, and it didn't help when she decided to wear the garbage can on her head as a hat (covering her face completely and causing her to blunder about the room in a blind whirl) or when she then decided to put the garbage-can-hat on the dog (necessitating my immediate intervention...the poor dog puts up with a lot, and a garbage can on the head is more than I can reasonably ask her to tolerate).

Christmas knitting is coming along slowly. I finished knitting up another bowl, which only needs to be felted along with the others. One more in SWS to go, and then a couple in Paton's merino for friends and that will be that. The woven scarf for my teenage cousin is coming along and probably will be done the next time I have an hour or so to sit in front of the loom and work on it. Mom's lace stole is still where it was the last time I wrote. I just have no motivation for that project, and I don't even know why. I still have to start DH's knitted stuff (I was hoping to knit him a balaclava, a skullcap and a pair of fingerless mitts...we'll see how well that goes off) and FIL's mittens. I haven't even planned a knitted gift for Baby M yet, although I'm liking the knitted bunnies so well I may just make a big one for her and call it a day (and she'll certainly appreciate it more than clothing at this stage, anyway).

Can't think any more (this cold is really beating me down)...will post more later, when I hopefully will be more motivated....


Ren said...

it's no fair... i truly want to be a part of every "good deed" knitting project that comes along... there's just so much need in the world...

i hope your pesky cold goes away!

Jeremy said...

Hi Linda, I just subscribed to your blog (I hope it worked). You have the honor of being the first blog I have subscribed to. If I can figure this out I may set one up on mine. Next I am going to check out the Soaring Eagles project to see what I can do.

I hope you're feeling better!

Splindarella said...

How cool! Thanks, Jeremy, for subbing and especially for checking out Soaring Eagles. I was able to make 5 hats over the past 2 days (gotta love that knitting machine) and will post pics tonight, I hope!