Wednesday, January 10, 2007

And So It Begins....

Today was my first day back at work since the beginning of December, and I must say I wish I had more time at home. Funny...after a few months home on maternity leave I was bored silly and couldn't wait to get back to work; now all I can think of is how I'd like more time here with Baby M. 'Nuff said.

I did get to try out my nifty new iPod today on the subway. I discovered several things.

First, I do love audio books. I knew this already, but it was nice to find that even on a crowded, noisy subway I could still really, really enjoy hearing Anne of Green Gables read aloud. And yet, I also discovered that I'm just a bit put off by listening to my iPod in the subway. I feel like it puts a barrier between me and those around me (and it does -- how often do people just strike up conversations with those wearing earbuds?), and I'm not sure I quite like that. I mean, I've had lots of pleasant conversations on the subway and train...and while I enjoy listening to audiobooks, I also enjoy pleasant conversations. How much will I be missing by plugging in and tuning out?

I also discovered that I am not exactly handy when it comes to juggling an iPod. I thought it would be much more convenient and easy to use than a bulky CD player, but I am just not nimble enough for an iPod. I always forget which thingy to press to get it to start up or shut down (whatever happened to buttons labeled "on" and "off"?); I can never stop it at a moment's notice; I constantly careen past the track I want to play and then have to fumble back and forth till I hit upon the right one by chance. I am slowly becoming my parents; pretty soon I'll have to have Baby M program all my electronic gizmos for me the way I used to have to set the VCR for my mom and dad.

At least I got some knitting done today: a few rows of Bubbly. It's coming along slowly, but it is coming along. I think that will be my subway knitting for awhile.

My bog jacket is looking good. I'm nearly at the underarm, and the waist shaping is clearly visible. I cannot tell you how proud of myself I am! I think I'll knit on that this weekend and see if I can get to any of the colorwork before work starts in full swing next week.

And, last but certainly not least, I spoke with a woman last night about a circular sock machine. She's a restorer, the machine is an antique, and from the photos she sent, it looks to be in excellent condition. I'm almost afraid to find out how much it costs.

Strike that; I am afraid to find out how much it costs. But I will anyway. At least that's technology that I can understand.


Anonymous said...

i love love love my iPod and i think you'll probably get used to the controls over time.... although i do agree that they are labeled a bit strangely.


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