Wednesday, January 17, 2007

By Special Request

So, I was paid a very nice compliment today by my FIL. He noticed the knitted balaclava I'd given DH for Christmas and commented on how nice and warm it looked. DH mentioned that it's convenient because now he doesn't have to wear a scarf (plus he likes the funny looks people give him when he wears it on the streets of NYC! *vbg*). The upshot is that FIL now wants a balaclava just like DH has.

Currently, I don't have a "for others" project going; ever since I frogged the Mason-Dixon Warshrag for the third freakin' time I've been concentrating on my Bubbly curtain and my fitted bog jacket. So, I'm free to start his balaclava any time. I'm thinking sooner rather than later; it's been a fairly warm winter thus far, and if I wait much longer spring might just set in and the poor man would get no use out of it at all. I think I'll use the grey sportweight alpaca -- it's soft as a cloud but not very springy, which should actually work nicely for a balaclava, which a person really wouldn't want clinging to the face. Maybe tomorrow instead of lugging Bubbly on the subway with me I'll tote my smallest KIPer bag instead and get started....


Bente said...

Good luck with the baclava! I agree with the yarn you chose, it shouldn't cling too much on the face :o))

Bente B said...

Eh... I logged in as a different user, you probably didn't recognize me :lol:

-Bente B from Norway!