Saturday, January 20, 2007

First in '07

Hard as it is for me to believe, I've only now completed my first knit of 2007. I guess when you start out knitting curtains and jackets, progress is bound to be slow! So it's a good thing I dropped my other knitting to whip up a balaclava for FIL in Alpaca with a Twist sportweight. Doubled on size 9s it went super-fast and is cushy, squooshy and warm, warm, warm! Here it is, modeled obligingly by DH:

I also received my Sheep Shed Studio order, the one I placed back at the veeeery end of Decemer, about 10 minutes before I started my yarn diet (aka Stashalong). In addition to some lovely sock yarns, hand-dyes and Brown Sheep skeins, I also received six luscious pounds of Cottswold curls for rug-making. Carol at the Sheep Shed does an amazing dye job, and she sent bags full of the most beautiful fall colors, in addition to a few pounds of natural whites and greys. I couldn't wait; I got started warping up the RH tonight, and hopefully will have the warp mostly (all?) finished by the end of the weekend.

Can I mention once again how very good weaving is for stashbusting?? I burned through two spools of rug warp and still didn't make it all the way across my 32" 8 dpi heddle. I can't wait to actually get weaving on this one. The colors are so gorgeous and the fiber so unique -- so completely different from any other weaving I've done -- that I'm really looking forward to this.

Mmmmmm...fleece rugs, knitted curtains and a fitted bog jacket to get all wrapped up and cozy in. What more could a fiber-lovin' gal ask for?

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe you finished it already!!! Wow!
It was great to see you this weekend :)