Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Taking the Plunge

Tonight I cast on for my Fitted Bog Jacket. I absolutely love the Manos del Uruguay yarn! I love its thick-and-thin texture; I love how it forms a randomly rippled edge; I just plain love everything about this yarn, especially how very quickly it knits up on my Addi Turbo size 9s in comparison, say, to the way the Euroflax sport weight Bubbly curtain seems to take forever on my size 5 Options (but I do love the Options, as well as the curtain, though progress is slow and I am impatient). It feels very decadent to be making such a significant project for myself, if that makes sense. I mean, a jacket! And out of nice -- very nice -- wool, not junky acrylic. My days of wasting time knitting good patterns out of junky acrylic are over. If it's worth knitting, it's worth knitting in something real.

No photos because I'm lazy, and because the inch and a half I currently have on the needles is completely unrecognizable as a jacket (or as much of anything, in fact). But I'll post some soon, I promise, along with photos of the curtain (which is definitely recognizable at this point...my lack of photos here is definitely due to laziness).

In other news: I am committing to a 3 month stashalong beginning today. I haven't managed to post to the Stashalong blog yet because of the switchover, but I'm counting from today nonetheless. Of course, joining the stashalong meant that last night at around 10pm I placed an order with Carol Lee over at the Sheep Shed Studio. I'd been meaning to buy enough Cotswold curls from her to make a rug anyway, so adding in a few (or a lot of) skeins of yarn just made sense...you know, with shipping and all...cheaper to buy more at once and send it, yada yada...

OK, I'll just admit it: If I'm going to go on a yarn diet, I'm damn well going to binge before taking the plunge. At least I won't have to worry about running out of wool now for a good long time. And if I do...I suppose there is always the acrylic.

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Harlem Purl said...

Hey Splindarella,

I just found your blog by way of the EZ knitalong. I just got her book that has the bog jacket in it and I want to start one so bad my fingers are itching. I can't wait to see progress pics of yours.
Are you doing yours in garter stitch also? I want to try it in a different stitch pattern but I haven't even written down and calculations yet.

Love your blog and I'll definately be stopping by. If you'r ein the city, you should think about joining the New York Meetup group Sit N Knit.