Saturday, October 07, 2006

I Am An Enabler

S & J, two dear, dear friends, just came by tonight for a light dinner and to tell us they're moving to freakin' Japan for the next 5 years, so what do I do? I teach them both to spindle-spin, of course.

S is a knitter already, and as soon as she saw my RH loom she started asking questions. It was only a matter of time (nanoseconds, if you want to be precise) before I started thinking of pulling out the Louets and Ashfords and getting her going on spindling. But it was J who impressed me most of all. He's an architect and a photographer and secure enough in his manhood to offer to hold my spindle for me while I took care of Baby M and then, while I was occupied, to just copy what he saw S doing and go off on his own making yarn. He was good, too -- they both were, though S, a nuclear physicist who is quite used to being uber-competent in everything she does, did fret a bit at first about her yarn not being even (read: "perfect"). She relaxed when I told her to just go with the zen of it all, and whatever she'd get, she'd get. They left the house with two spindles, a big bag of goldenrod-colored Louet Corriedale and a wine tube to hold one of the spindles (the good folk at Ashford should be aware that their spindles, while perfectly serviceable, do not fit inside your standard cardboard wine tube, making them less than ideal from a storage perspective). I can't wait to hear how their adventures in couples-spindling go!


Elizabeth said...

I haven't heard from my pal yet, but I emailed mine today. I can't wait for this to get started! :)

Ren said...

i would love to learn how to spin, hahaha, but there is NO room here for new hobbies!

thanks for the tips on felting (i did add jeans for agitation and the machine i was using was a top loader, but i like how it turned out anyway, even though i wish it were a bit firmer, so it's no real problem).

also, you have to tell me how the chocolate tea tastes if you ever try it... it sounds like one of those things that could be either really yummy or just... not. haha.

Leah said...

Hey you! Should be working but I'm reading your blog instead :) Very cool stuff going on there and what a lovely necklace! I sent you that email we talked about again but don't think you got it yet...would you email me at and I'll reply to it and see if you get it?