Saturday, August 05, 2006

Another Day, Another Dammit

I took the train into work today, which means that in between eating, reading and sleeping (did I mention I have a LONG commute??) I got a nice little piece of knitting done:

This is the beginning of a Euroflax placemat, modeled after the Euroflax hand towel in MDK. Unfortunately -- and here's where the "dammit" comes in -- it looks like I'm going to have to frog the entire thing and go down at least 2 needle sizes to get a fabric I like. Right now the knit is way too loose; I had hoped that washing the Euroflax would make it bloom and fill in the gaps somewhat, but that's not what people on the MDK-Knitalong blog seem to be saying. *sigh* Oh, well...size 2 needles, here I come!

Still missing Fatboy and feeling that this is all very unreal. DH and I started looking at photos this evening but stopped...still too sad. Here's one we did look at, though, which brought back good memories.

It was taken at our annual spring BBQ; that's Fatboy in the front and Shasta in the back. All the dogs love the BBQ because everyone spoils them and feeds them scraps all day long. I still can't quite believe Fatboy won't be there for our next one.

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Kathy in DC said...

FatBoy looks cute, and I love his name. Very sorry about losing him. We have a dog, and a cat, and just lost a cat a few months ago. I know how terrible it is. DD & I cried a lot for months. And the other animals are never the same. Our other cat (we had two before one died) started acting like the one that died. He started doing all the things he did, and sitting in "his" (other cat's) spots! Still does. And I've lost other pets, too. It's too sad for too long. And. About the "bandwidth" post on MDK KAL; I have seen lots of people posting as you did (and more so) for a long time. I don't even know what band width is, but I get the gist of it. I think it was just coincidence that Christina posted when she did, and that it seemed like a response to your post. She probably needed to say all that way earlier--and just hadn't done so. I haven't posted much because I can't figure out how to make blogger behave, but working on it. I have little time to be on here, so it is slow going for me to learn about blogging. We're thinking about you (and FatBoy). I loved his picture!