Monday, August 14, 2006

Cheaters Never Win....

Well, I set off with the intention of making some headway on A's baby kimono even though I'd been warned away from knitting for the time being by my orthopedist. And wouldn't you know it, cheating on my knitting "diet" got me absolutely nowhere!

Somehow, I managed to mis-read the kimono pattern -- never mind that I'd made it twice before with absolutely no problem -- and I discovered halfway through the darn thing that instead of two sleeves of equal length I had a right sleeve long enough to clothe an orangutan and no left sleeve at all. Grrrrrr....

Serves me right, I suppose. I don't have photographic evidence because I discovered my error on the car ride home and immediately frogged back to before the sleeve increases, which was waaaaaay farther than I'd hoped I'd ever have to frog this thing. I did play a bit of catch-up in the car (making absolutely sure I was doing the sleeves correctly) but held off on knitting tonight in favor of doing some more spinning on my sky-blue alpaca. More to tell of that in another post.

Aside from the knitting, we all had a wonderful long weekend with Auntie G and Uncle Godfather. We went to the Fort Rickey Children's Discovery Zoo, which is an absolutely amazing, family-run petting zoo. If you're ever in the Utica, NY area, go. We got to pet a porcupine, hold a giant snake, play with tiny baby goats and watch an amazing interaction between two fully-grown timber wolves and their trainer (who also happens to be the owner of the zoo). I also got to pick a palm-sized piece of bison fluff off a fence and keep it, with permission of the zoo owner, of course, who then kindly agreed to let me know if they ever collected a bagful so that I could use it to spin. I spent the trip home carefully picking guard hairs out of my fluff (and full of guard hairs it well and truly was!), and now I just have to wash my little bison puff before getting it ready to spin. I'll finally get to try out my dog-hair combs on some fiber -- yaaaayy!

While the zoo was ultra-cool, the highlight of the trip for Daddy (aka DH) and Baby M was playing on the grass outside the art museum that we visited on Sunday. DH was busy rolling on the ground and doing silly tricks to make M laugh, while for her part, M was busy playing with sticks and trying to emulate her daddy's antics. The two of them truly crack me up.

We took it slow coming home today, arriving around mid-afternoon with just enough time to unpack and still make it to the playground for an hour or so before dinner. It was DH's first time seeing Baby M walking around the playground like a big girl (she's been walking on her own for less than a week, remember), and he was delighted. He was like a big kid, playing on all the equipment and helping M play as well. All in all, it was a wonderful long weekend, beginning to end.

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