Monday, August 07, 2006

One Month and Counting

So there I was, just starting to cast on for my third ballband warshrag to match my kitchen, when I suddenly remembered the baby shower I'm attending on September 9. Yikes! Off came the brick-red SnC and on went the slate blue. So far, I have a miniscule stockpile of 2 MDK baby kimonos (both of which still need seaming) and zero bibs/burp cloths. Sad, sad, sad.

So, Christmas knitting will be put aside (OK, except for that one washcloth that I'm in the middle of knitting to finish off a pair to go with my ballband bathmat...and except for my m-i-l's scarf for those days when I want to work with wool instead of cotton...and except for my mom's lace stole just because if I don't keep doing a couple of rows every few days it'll never be finished in time for the holidays) and baby knitting will commence in earnest. I've already gotten to the first set of sleeve increases and I hope to have at least half the kimono finished by tomorrow. I'm thinking two or three matching kimono/bib sets...only 31 days and counting....

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