Monday, August 07, 2006

Some Good News on the Knittng Front....

Well, I did it. It took a week and a half, 44 ounces of PnC/SnC and gave me shooting pains in my right index finger, but I finally finished my first Ballband Bathmat.

As you can see, the ends still need to be woven in, but aside from that I am well and truly done! I actually can't complain; I really enjoyed knitting this bathmat, moreso than the Absorba, which always seems to bog down towards the later, longer rows.

As soon as I finished, I cast on a matching washcloth, which I finished in one sitting while watching Armageddon. Nothing like a cheesy Hollywood flick for mindless knitting.

Tomorrow I think I'll bring my rigid heddle loom up from the basement, where it's been languishing since May, and warp it up with Euroflax (possibly interspersed with crochet cotton) for placemats. I'm thinking more and more about buying Euroflax worsted weight, which (from what I'm told) is actually more of a DK or aran weight than a true worsted. Does anyone know of a good source of linen patterns besides Louet?

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Terri H. said...

Hi Splindy--

I've already commented on my adoration for your ballband bathmat over on the Mason Dixon KAL, so I won't waste your bandwith here (oh, did I mention I adore it?)--just wanted you to know you were the first entry and an instant winner of a Terror Alert Dishcloth. Send me your snail mail (hop to my blog for instructions).