Monday, August 21, 2006

Fantabulous Fiber Day!

The Fiber Faeries were certainly looking out for me today. Look what was waiting for me when I got home tonight:

Not one, not two, but THREE fibery packages!

The first was a Spindlers trade package. I swapped a bunch of Spanish books for 5 oz of brown alpaca (in the background in the photo above -- kind of dusty and with some VM but nice and soft) and 2 oz of absolutely gorgeous tussah silk, which looks a bit less purple and a bit more mahogany in person than it does in the photo. Thanks, Tracy, for an awesome trade!

The second package was a Bosworth featherweight spindle with a Chakte Vega whorl.

It spins like an absolute dream -- I think I'll be using it to spin up my new tussah silk. You can also see the beautiful purple/blue sample fiber Sheila included to get the cop started. Thanks, Jonathan and Sheila, for yet another spectacular spindle!

And last but certainly not least, I got a surprise package from my MDK Warshrag Swap partner. We were each supposed to knit one warshrag from the MDK book and send it to our partner. Well, my partner sent me FOUR!

Aren't they great??

I still don't know who my partner is, but I have my suspicions, and s/he promised to reveal her/himself once I received my package. So, thank you mystery swap partner, and once I find out for sure who you are, I'll publically thank you by name! :))))


Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

Hiii Swapcloth Pal! I was so excited when I got you as a pal. I couldn't believe I actually got someone who's blog I read. I hope you like your warshrags. They've all been vinegar treated, washed and blocked. The log cabin one was an experiment, and ended up a bit lopsided. I changed my mind about how I was going to do it after I'd already done a few logs. Not a good plan. Sorry about that! Also, I hope the billions of ends don't bug you. The ballband with all the different bricks had like 32 ends or something. It was a real mess. I think they're pretty well secured, though. You had a really good mail day. Enjoy! :)

AR said...

Lucky you! I like the dishcloths you got. I think I'm becoming a little dishcloth obsessed!!

Terri H. said...

Way to score, dude. I think I might just send that Terror Alert Ballband off to someone who really needs it (just kidding).